How to get prepared for a proposal?


Proposals to SME Instrument are expected to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the technology and market environment, to select and justify the project objectives
  • Present a credible and viable methodology to achieve the project objectives
  • Deliver innovations with impact
  • Demonstrate the ability and capability to deliver, including work Plan, governance, policies, systems, structures, operational processes and risk management.


Focus on delivering results which contribute to the expected impacts :

  • What needs (challenges) will be addressed (relevance with the call topic)?
  • What benefits (impact) will be delivered (expected by the call topic)?
  • Select project objectives to maximise the impacts expected by the call topic.


Academic Sources: publications, conferences, etc.

  • Industry sources: Markets reports, industry partners, company websites & annual reports, industry publications, events, conferences…
  • Influencers: policy papers, technical and white papers
  • External drivers or constraints: standard bodies, patents and other registered IP


  • State of the art: how your project will go beyond it, what new things will be produced?
  • Market: What needs will the project address, what benefits are delivered, who is targeted and what is the market structure?
  • Competitor intelligence: what will be the key selling points, why will people use your solution rather than your competitors?
  • Technologies: why and in which areas will your solution be better than the alternatives by how much?

External influences

  • Potential barriers / obstacles /enablers: IPRs (freedom to use), statutory requirements, industry standards, health & safety, ethics, privacy, data security, etc.
  • Standards: prescriptive, advisory, best practice (barriers or opportunity);;

Patent related strategic intelligence

Gathering information on:

  • State of the Art
  • Freedom to use
  • PotenNal new technology areas
  • Key players – now and who is looking for the future!
  • Market Intelligence
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Technology intelligence
  • Finding commercialisation partners

From strategic intelligence to action plans

  • Gather information to understand the whole landscape (market, technical, IPR, SotA, competitors, etc.
  • Analyse information to obtain strategic intelligence… to allow to
  • JUSTIFY the project objectives, which will address the call challenges and maximise the expected impacts
  • Plan to deliver – deliver strategies and plans to :
    • create the project results
    • get the results used to maximise impact