Who is an expert?

External Experts

  • They are selected from a database of experts
  • Main requirements:
    • High-level of expertise in the relevant field of R&I
    • Independence (evaluating in a personal capacity)
    • Impartiality (no conflict of interest)
    • Objectivity
  • Balanced composition of groups:
    • Professional experience (e.g. academia, business), gender and geographical balance
    • Regular rotation and involvement

Who is an evaluator?

  1. Scientists
  2. Others:
  • Enterpreneurs (innovative)
  • Businessmen with technology business experience
  • Corporation Managers with business process from marketing to sales knowledge
  • High risk projects financial experts
  • Analytics and observers of innovation trends
  • Innovation Managers

However, these people…

  • Work somewhere
  • Have families
  • Have hobbies
  • Like sports
  • Have more than 10 things to do at once

What do we ask them to do?

Understand Call Text

  • Read briefing material
  • Follow remote briefings

Evaluate individually

  • A number of proposals
  • Provide assessment against evaluation criteria

Come to a consensus

  • Discuss with other experts
  • Reach consensus on comments and scores
  • Calibrate with other evaluators