Every European legal entity (SME, association,..) is eligible to subventions. The financial tool «SME Instruments» is dedicated to all kind of innovative SME having a strong desire to grow and get internationalized. It is dedicated to all kind of innovations, including non-technological innovations and services.

SME Instrument can grant a first subvention until 50,000 euros, for approving the concept feasibility. It also can support companies during the research and development phase and during the first commercial application, and grant a subvention from €0.5 million to €2.5 million. SME Instrument also grants loans or capital stocks for the commercialization phase. Phase 1 and 2 are open independently of every SME: no obligation to pass through phase 1 to be able to submit a project in phase 2.

European homepage for SME

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). Its mission is to help SME to find social and technological partners, to understand legislation and to access to European Union’s financing.