How to develop a proposal?

Evaluation criteria overview

Excellence: Credibility of the approach, soundness of concept, clarity and pertinence of the objectives, extent of ambition, innovation potential

Impact: As explained in Work Programme, exploitation communication and dissemination plan

Quality & Efficiency of Implementation: Coherence, effectiveness, complementarity in the consortium, risk and innovation management, appropriateness of management structures and procedures


  • Objectives should be consistent with the expected exploitation and impact of the project;
  • Describe research and innovation activities linked with the project;
  • Describe the advance of your project beyond the state-of-art, and the extent the proposed work is ambitious;
  • Describe the innovation potential;
  • Refer to the results of any patent search carried out.

Exploitation & Dissemination of results

  • A plan for dissemination and exploitation plan at proposal stage;
  • The plan should contain measure to be implemented both during and after the end of the project.
  • Focus on the project results, which address the challenges of the call and contribute to expected impact;
  • Outline the strategy for knowledge management and protection;
  • Coordinate communication, dissemination and exploitation activities to avoid conflicts and mixed messages.


  • Describe how your project will contribute to:
    • The expected impacts mentioned in the work programme
    • Any substantial impacts, that would enhance innovation capacity; create new market opportunities, strengthen competitiveness and growth of companies, issues related to climate change and benefits for society
  • Describe any barriers and any framework conditions that may determine whether and to what extent the expected impacts will be achieved.


  • Coherence and effectiveness of the work plan, including appropriateness of the allocation of tasks and resources;
  • Complementary of the participants within the consortium
  • Appropriateness of the management structures and procedures, including risk and innovation management

Sum up and success factors

  • Address IP, Impact and Innovation in all 3 sections of the proposal;
  • Get strategic intelligence by analysing the whole landscape (scientific, technical, market, IPR, regulations, standards, etc.), so you can justify the concept, objectives, and methodology.
  • Plan to create the project results (work plan)
  • Plan to get the project results used (Dissemination and exploitation plan)
  • Show that you have the structures and procedures to implement the plans (including innovation management).

Success Factors

  • High potential job generating market;
  • A highly innovative project that outperforms the competition;
  • Marketing plan within 18-24 months;
  • Strong ambition for internationalization;
  • relation with the priority themes of Europe;
  • Simple language (experts are non native speakers);
  • Make information easy to find;
  • Relevant summary tables, graphs & pictures;
  • Be clear on TRL, no room for doubt.